The Meg-Over

The MEGOVER was a miracle cure for the clutter in our home. Focusing her designer’s eye, Meg pared down our possessions into a cleaner, better representation of who we are. She removed irrelevant items, freeing up space for air and light. Once the excess was gone, either in the trash or to Goodwill- she moved our possessions around in our house. Art we’d hung in the dining room twenty years ago reappeared in the kitchen and she switched all the rugs in the upstairs bedrooms. She didn’t bring anything in but used what we already had. She found beauty in things inherited from grandparents and picked up at flea markets alike, she restored order. Say yes to the MEGOVER! Our home has never looked better.

Louise, Washington DC

I love the way Meg organized art and mirrors on the walls, keeping similar scenes together.  Also moving all the furniture around for better flow. Another favorite was the pantry organization. And of course, best: the all-around declutter.

Amy, Friendship, ME

Meg re-arranges the existing furniture and items in your home in a way that makes sense. She has a vision that allows for the most practical use of the space and the assets of your home. She makes suggestions on how to simplify your life by either decluttering or by adding simple items to your home. I have lived with the changes that Meg has made in my home for more than a year and I continue to be more than pleased with every decision made and have not “undone” a thing.

Rebecca, Friendship, ME

With Meg’s analytical thinking and organization skills my home has been tweaked to create a fresh look and enhanced functionality in the kitchen. She rearranged the furniture in ways I’d never considered, making it feel like a new space, creating cleaner arrangements and cozy areas. My kitchen has a newfound purposeful order with attention to the function of meal prep and location of everything from pots and
pans to paperclips. It’s a new world!

Edith, Portland, ME