Estate Services

Emptying a nest is a huge undertaking and an emotional & overwhelming task. Swooped lightens this heavy load with compassion and support.

It takes a lifetime to fill a home. Literally. We create a strategy for handling all the contents of the home – on a timetable that works for you. If you are not in the DC metropolitan area, we work with you remotely, and are your boots on the ground here at the home.

We’ll get everyone on the same page.

____ Meet with family and relevant parties (in person or via video)

____ Develop personalized plan & schedule

____ Create inventory of contents

____ Secure family “keeps” and handle the moving & shipping

____ Handle all remainder: organize donations; reuse, and recycle

____ If sale is pending, we’ll work with the realtor to prepare for staging

Our team assists with emptying all types of nests:

House | Apartment | Condo | Retirement Home | Assisted Living

If you’re not in the area, Swooped can handle everything via phone or video.
Let us roll up our sleeves and help you with this daunting job.
Click below to schedule an initial consult to empty the nest.