Edit your Home

We could all use help with an area in our home that isn’t working. Swooped can help put order in your space, and in turn, your life.

We work one-on-one to help improve function. For starters, we assess the space, then develop a plan, and help put it in place.

Whether it’s a drawer, a room, a basement, a floor or attic or an entire property. Swooped works in all areas of the home and can help either in-person or virtually.

In-person 3 hour session

To improve function, we start with editing, editing begins by sorting contents into categories.

YES: We’ll make sure you have homes for the things you know and love.

NO: We’ll help move forward the items you no longer need or love. Including help with donations, and recycling.

MAYBE: We’ll help you make decisions about the hardest category of all, the “maybe’s”

This process gives traction to achieving our goal: function. During this process, we help get everything in order in a way that works for you.

Virtual Organizing 1 – 2 hour session

Virtual Organizing is another way to get life on track.

Sometimes our “system” in place isn’t working, was overtaken by events, needs re-doing, or perhaps, was never set up in the first place. To get things in order, we just need advice, a boost, a nudge, a plan.

We’ll view the challenge together via phone or video call. Whatever the space, we’ll create a step-by-step plan and solutions.

Once underway, you have the traction to complete editing and organizing on your own.

“By bringing order to a space, or place, we bring it to our minds.”

Elizabeth Hagen

Simply having an initial conversation is often a big relief. This lets us learn about the area you need help, and whether we are booking an in-person or virtual session.

*During COVID-19, we are helping clients with safe & secure practices in place: daily temperature checks, mask, social distance, wash/re-wash hands and work in ventilated spaces. Safety is our top priority for you and our team. See our Covid Policy here.