Estate Services

I can’t imagine having accomplished all that we have done without Catherine leading the team. She is a great maestro, and she has our eternal gratitude! 

Helen, Washington DC

I was taking monthly flights to DC to sort out my father’s house. Then I hired Swooped. No more flights and the house was on the market in three weeks!

Robert, Washington DC

I love working with Catherine Ryan, and so do my clients! Preparing a home for sale always requires extensive organizing, de-cluttering, tidying and sorting through years of possessions. Her organizing skills are exceptional and she immediately comes up with a strategy to reduce the clutter. Listing a home requires teamwork, and Catherine is an important and integral part of the preparation process. On a personal level, Catherine is a dream to work with – easy-going, professional, efficient, a team player, fully committed and always proactive in getting the job done! I’ve been working with Catherine for years – I could not do what I do without her expert help!

Theo, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Emptying my dear friend’s home [after she died] would have been excruciating and overwhelming without Catherine. Her planning and implementation were invaluable, but just as important to me were the sensitivity, warmth and good humor she brought to the job. I felt I had not just a partner in this huge project, but a friend. Actually, she felt more like family.

Lisa, Washington DC

Catherine is super professional and very nice. I don’t know how we would have emptied our family home of 65 years otherwise. We are also very appreciative of her ability to donate household items to charities rather than just throwing them away. Once this big job was done, she then worked with the realtor to help get the property ready to be shown.

John, Glen Echo, MD

Without Catherine’s assistance, I would have lost hours and days figuring out what to do. She had a method, made a plan and got things done so efficiently. In the end, I was not only satisfied, but deeply grateful. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

Paul, Washington DC

After losing a parent, it is hard to face the job of dealing with the home left to us. The very full home. Catherine and her team worked quickly and efficiently, yet were also sensitive with our family, all in different parts of the country. They were mindful of our recent loss and supported us through the all the decisions to be made.

Susan, Chevy Chase, MD

Edit your home

A remarkable service led by a brilliant organizer and manager of people. A hellish task was made enjoyable and our very complicated move was elegantly orchestrated. I cannot recommend Catherine and her team more highly.

Julie, Washington DC

Catherine has helped me edit and organize much of our household. Catherine’s professionalism, skill set, and knowledge make you wish you had met her years ago. But best of all, her cheerful and thoughtful approach made the work so easy and stress-free. I think she is unique – her personality, competence and attitude. I don’t think there are other organizers like her.

Lien, McLean, VA

Working with Catherine was 1000 times better and faster than reading Marie Kondo and then taking everything out of your closets. In the amount of time you would get ready to organize Kondo’s way, you could start and finish with Catherine.

Laurie, Washington DC

I’ve worked with Catherine at Swooped for over 5 years. The kind, efficient, affordable and creative solutions she brings to any problem – from bathroom closets to party planning, to major life moves, is peerless. We could not have done any of these events/ chores as well as we have with Swooped. And it shows. Especially on a recent long-distance move, we felt that the planning and decluttering showed immediately upon arrival. Her whole team was excellent. Chloe did an incredible job creating a moving floor plan that was a huge help and meant everything had a place and purpose. Catherine has been and continues to be (even long distance) our family’s Mary Poppins. She offers bucketfuls of sugar to make it all go well!

Smitha, Bethesda, MD

I loved working with Catherine!  I was overwhelmed with stuff (after a renovation) and she helped me sort, give away, and relocate all kinds of things.  Best of all, she also worked with my twenty-something daughter helping her sort and give away.  The whole process went much more smoothly and pleasantly than if my daughter and I had attempted the same purge.  Catherine is terrific and I hope to keep using her periodically when I sense the clutter is starting to win.

Lyn, Bethesda, MD

My closets are truly organized for the first time in my life!  It feels like a new world to be able to find clothes that had been long hidden at the back of disorganized closets that were full of things I no longer wore or needed!   Catherine magically made it all easy. Best of all, I can now find what I need on my back porch, which had been my totally disorganized storage area where I “threw” things into such a jumble that it was very difficult to find anything.  Catherine helped me sort papers and photos, toss junk, assemble labeled boxes, and the area is now something that I can now build on and manage. I absolutely could not have started the process without her uplifting energy and organizational skill.  She is the best!

Susan, Washington DC

We found Catherine on the DC Organizers web site and she was a life-changer. With a pending move and steady work travel, I don’t know what we would have done without her. She worked with both of us and brought calm and order to our significant chaos. Laughter, too, which was much needed since we were so stretched. We will call her again, and have referred her to our friends.

Helen, Washington DC

After a session with Catherine, I feel so much more at peace in a space, and I love working with her. I get to projects with her that I have been waiting and waiting to do. Somehow making that appt. and knowing she will be here, makes it all seem so much more doable. Then, I am anxious to get to the next room! We have completed projects so efficiently, and I couldn’t have done without her.

Liz, Bethesda, MD