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Helping people edit their lives

Swooped is a professional organizing company
guiding people through home projects & life transitions

Finding order is easier said than done. Life is busy, and we are often overtaken by events. We get stuck, overwhelmed, or simply don’t know where to begin. This is the perfect time to get help from a professional organizer.

Swooped brought calm and order to our significant chaos.

Whether you are emptying a home, moving, blending, downsizing, organizing, decluttering, repurposing or staging, we can help guide you through the process.

Estate Services

Emptying the nest is a huge undertaking and can be an overwhelming task.

We will be your boots on the ground to empty the entire home. Working closely with family members, we process the contents of the home and handle the hard work of emptying the nest. Whether you are local or long-distance, Swooped will handle it all.

Edit your Home

It may be a closet, a room, a floor or an entire home. We can help create or restore order, regain a sense of control and put systems in place to make the process more manageable and stress free.

Edit your Home services are offered in-person or virtual (via phone or Zoom).

A remarkable service led by a brilliant organizer and manager of people.

Julie, Washington DC

“Helping people has always been my passion. As a professional organizer, I help people edit their lives, their space, their homes.”


Typically, the amount accomplished in 3 hours would take 12 – 15 hours without a professional organizer.
Get in touch and let’s start editing your life today

About Us

Swooped is an Estate Services & Home Organizing company in the Washington, DC area. We help our clients bring order to a space.

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